1. Nervnii RnB by Vtgnike on Steals (Other People)
  2. 134 32iii by Bogdan Raczynski on Rave 'Till You Cry (Disciples)
  3. High Lights by Charlotte Adigéry on Zandoli (DEEWEE)
  4. Streak by Code Walk on Distance (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)
  5. Seize-sept by Bambounou on Whities 021 (Whities)
  6. Crush _ Melt by Varg on Evanescence (A Love Letter) (Posh Isolation)
  7. Honesty by Yves Tumor on Safe In The Hands of Love (Warp)
  8. Tree Frog Whistle by Russell E.L. Butler on Petty (Spectral Sound)
  9. Kiska by Kedr Livanskiy on Your Need (2MR)
  10. AS Crust by Amnesia Scanner on AS (Young Turks)
  11. Glumbooth Nitwit by Cru Servers on ALERT! (Alter)
  12. Yes! Come Parade With Us by Leafcutter John on Yes! Come Parade With Us (Border Community)
  13. Jfai by Julia Reidy on Beholder (Touch)
  14. Lumipoly by Nikolajev on LEL (Incienso)
  15. Neurotoxin by Evan Caminiti on Refraction (Dust Editions)
  16. Oracolo by Regno Maggiore on Astreveliero (Gang of Ducks)
  17. Standing Crosswise in the Square by Craig Leon on Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon (RVNG Intl.)
  18. Hodos by Simon Scott on Soundings (Touch)
  19. ZOOM0005 by Cucina Povera on Zoom (Night School)
  20. 240°, 240°, 240° by Damon Zucconi on 240°, 240°, 240° (Zero Grow)
  21. TILT (feat. Young Paint) by KÁRYYN on The Quanta Series (Mute)
  22. Index Dub by Jay Glass Dubs on Thumb Dub / Index Dub (Dub On Arrival)
  23. 12AM Monday by Nikolajev on LEL (Incienso)
  24. You Disappear by King Midas Sound on Solitude (Cosmo Rhythmatic)
  25. That world by Tim Hecker on Anoyo (Kranky)