dreaming or trying to

tuning it out letting it in.


  1. dreaming by jon hassell on listening to pictures (Ndeya)
  2. master of disaster by john surman on Glancing backwards: the dawn anthology (sanctuary)
  3. hex by jon hassell on vernal equinox (jon hassell)
  4. las palmas by joe henderson on canyon lady (milestone)
  5. all night long by Holger Czukay on moving pictures (groenland records)
  6. lemminge Und Lurche inc. by Jan Jelinek on Kosmischer pitch (faitiche)
  7. picture 4 by Jack Dejohnette on pictures (ECM)
  8. Iron veil by Eiko Ishibashi on the dream my bones dream (drag city)
  9. yellow fields by Eberhard weber on colours (ECM)
  10. 5/8 tune by marc copeland, John abercrombie on friends (oblivion records)
  11. Dizzy by tuxedomoon on vapour trails (crammed discs)
  12. jungle by Armand Frydman on cosmic future groove vol.2 (PMC)
  13. blancasnow by Enrico Rava,John Abercrombie, on the pilgrim and the stars (ECM)
  14. Bio rhythm no.3 by thomas clausen on cosmic future groove vol.2 (PMC)
  15. little houses by chris and cosey on october (love song) (conspiricy international)
  16. flying objects by Roger Webb on cosmic future groove vol.2 (PMC)
  17. essence by Donald Byrd on Electric Byrd (blue note)