transfiguration #60


  1. Hurricane Season, Pt. 5 by Matthias Puech on Purlieu
  2. Rain Soup by Pariah on Here From Where We Are
  3. Water Soaked In Forever by Khotin on Beautiful You
  4. Insignia (BND Acid Mix) by Boundary on Confirmado Por Aquellos
  5. Stream of Being by Natureboy Flako on Theme For a Dream
  6. Mesosphere by LT on Forest Floor
  7. Half Moon Bay by Roza Terenzi & DJ Zozi on Roza Terenzi & DJ Zozi
  8. The Bass Between Us by D. Tiffany on V2M
  9. Quick Eternity (Four Tet Remix) by Daniel Avery on Quick Eternity (Four Tet Remix)
  10. Remember (Gnork Remix) by Hior Chronik on Out of the Dust Remix
  11. Weakest Link by Roza Terenzi on Weakest Link
  12. Zero G by E Davd on Distant Sun
  13. Turning Point by Route 8 on Come Home
  14. Simple Call by Rimbaudian on DJ-Kicks DJ Seinfeld
  15. Close Your Eyes (And Feel) by Supreems on Close Your Eyes (And Feel)
  16. Holdin' On by Ray Kandinski on Cressida
  17. Flight Pattern by Urulu on Mushroom Valve
  18. Rosie Lea by Fold on Lenny's Jam
  19. Love Tonight (DJ Seinfeld Remix) by Shouse on Love Tonight
  20. Love Lost (Nummer Remix) by Linkwood
  21. It's Foggy Outside by Harrison BDP
  22. Deep Sea Survivor by Rudolf C on DJ Seinfeld DJ-Kicks
  23. Deep Sea Survivor by Rudolf C on DJ Seinfeld DJ-Kicks
  24. L'impossible du possible (Jan Jelinek Remix) by Soundwalk Collective on What We Leave Behind - Jean-Luc Godard Archives (The Remixes)