Episode 47: Denley Hosts

480, ambasadeur, BOATS, Benito, Big Hongry, Cutso, Bozak, Cherushii, Maria Minerva, Chris Keys, Daoud, dutchmastered, Else (SF), ethen x samplelov, Headboggle, IDHAZ, Jaji Preme, Jillesque, K'in Sventa, Lando, Lo-Fiction, Megabusive, Metadashi, Mikos Da Gawd, MVCK, Milky J, NimSins, OHMi, Odd Nosdam, ovrkast., Pacific Yew, Project Royale, rayreck., SOENEIDO, STH L., STILLSHINE, Steve Shankle, The Genie, Wolf Langis, xyla


  1. Chill Out Room World by Headboggle on Polyphonic Demo (Forthcoming) (Ratskin Records)
  2. FG3 01 by Odd Nosdam on FLIPPIES GOOD TAPE #3 (Self-Released)
  3. 45 by Daoud on Soundcloud
  4. when it comes to you by ethen x samplelov on Soundcloud
  5. F E E L ~ [[ EP ]] (Excerpt) by STILLSHINE on F E E L ~ [[ EP ]] (Self-Released)
  6. ((( Iceberg )))) by Pacific Yew on (((( Maidenhair )))) (Hot Record Societé)
  7. Essentials by STH L. on Essentials (Self-Released)
  8. sad day by rayreck. on Women of the World Vol. 2 (SADIVA)
  9. Back&forth by ovrkast. on Back&forth (Self-Released)
  10. Do It For? (Prod McStravick) by OHMi on Soundcloud
  11. Just Got Paid by Big Hongry, Cutso on Just Got Paid (Pain Cave Music)
  12. 87 final by Chris Keys on badnewsfirst (Self-Released)
  13. helium by dutchmastered on Soundcloud
  14. Nike Check by Lo Fiction on Soundcloud
  15. Slow Ya Roll by Jillesque on Women of the World Vol. 2 (SADIVA)
  16. Secret by Metadashi on Anti-Implosion Campaign (Bonus Track) (Rizatek Records)
  17. Cookies by Odd Nosdam on Cookies (Alien Transistor)
  18. Reconnect (ft. Killah Priest, M1 & Zumbi) by The Genie on Reconnect (ft. Killah Priest, M1 & Zumbi) (Self-Released)
  19. See What Eye See (Prod by Kenn Chron) by Steve Shankle on Ways of the World - EP (Soundcloud) (Self-Released)
  20. Boxed In by Megabusive on Vittles (Fhetto Gabulous v1.5) (Stealth Melters)
  21. Heavy by Mikos Da Gawd, MVCK on Hell Yeah, Brother! (Text Me Records)
  22. Get Hype by Megabusive on Vittles (Fhetto Gabulous v1.5) (Stealth Melters)
  23. Pray4Me by NimSins on It's Been a Long Time Since I Cried (Self-Released)
  24. Caviar by Megabusive on Vittles (Fhetto Gabulous v1.5) (Stealth Melters)
  25. Giver by K'in Sventa on Unreleased
  26. In Waves by Else (SF) on In Waves - EP (Self-Released)
  27. YUP UH HUH by Wolf Langis on Unreleased
  28. dissipating foam by IDHAZ on dissipating foam (Self-Released)
  29. This Must Be the Place by Cherushii, Maria Minerva on Cherushii & Maria Minerva (100% Silk)
  30. Untitled 2 (Excerpt) by 480 on 480 (Self-Released)
  31. tonic 120 drums by Benito on Unreleased
  32. This Brutal World by SOENEIDO on __Topia (Self-Released)
  33. Fade Away by Bozak on Fade Away (Record Breakin Music)
  34. Tea Zilla (ftKuya) by Jaji Preme on Soundcloud
  35. Due Funk - Original Mix by Lando on Gather Round (Hypercolour)
  36. Running by Project Royale on Tone and Manor Presents: All over the Place, Vol. 1 (Tone and Manor)
  37. Steptik by BOATS on Liens [STM031] (ShadowTrix Music)
  38. thAt girl by xyla on Soundcloud
  39. DROP IT by Milky J on Soundcloud
  40. Son, You'll Be an Island by Lavender on Horizons Beneath the Surface (Jacktone Records)