The Revolution Summer 096


  1. Me & My Dog by boygenius on boygenius (Matador)
  2. You've Got To Be Fucking Kidding Me by The New Trust on Dark Is The Path That Lies Before Us (Slowdance)
  3. Dull Way Down by Small Brown Bike on Collection (No Idea)
  4. Subtle Words by Pentimento on Pentimento (Paper + Plastick)
  5. Sin CIty by Limbeck on Let Me Come Home (Doghouse)
  6. All Rise by Further Seems Forever on Hide Nothing (Tooth & Nail)
  7. Drown by Counterparts on Tragedy Will Find Us (Pure Noise)
  8. One Day, You'll Be Cool by Palmkite on 2011 (Sorry Girls)
  9. Damn The Wrinkly Rug by Third Harmonic Distortion on Regeneration: The Me Generation Recording Compilation (The Me Generation)
  10. Montreal by Captain, We're Sinking on The Future is Cancelled (Run for Cover)
  11. Rookie Of The Year by Funeral For A Friend on Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation (Warner)
  12. This Side Of Brightness by Thursday on Waiting (Eyeball)
  13. Side Walk When She Walks by Alexisonfire on Watch Out! (Equal Vision)
  14. Dialogue by Gillian Carter on Having Lost... (Explosion!)
  15. The Jealous Wrath Of Baby Jesus by Harriet The Spy on Anthology Of Selected Recordings (Passacaglia)
  16. Vision by Le Pré Où Je Suis Mort on Le Pré Où Je Suis Mort (Denovali)
  17. Loss Will Find Us by The Saddest Landscape on When You Are Close, I Am Gone (Topshelf Records)
  18. Man Of Conviction by The Get Up Kids on Guilt Show Demos (Unreleased)
  19. I Remember Music by Rocky Votolato on Burning My Travels Clean (Second Nature)
  20. Anybody by Small Talks on A Conversation Between Us... (Common Ground)
  21. These Dudes, They Got A Band by Vermont on Living Together (Kindercore)
  22. Final Communique by boysetsfire on Misery Index (Equal Vision)
  23. The Calling Beckons by The Great Unraveling on The Great Unraveling (Kill Rock Stars)
  24. Loved Ones (Excerpts From Speeches Of How Great You Were And Will Never Be Again) by Poison The Well on You Come Before You (Atlantic)
  25. My Own Movie by Guyver-One on Discography (Self Released)
  26. Black Heart Wench Of Death by Casket Lottery on Dot Dot Dash Something Or Other Dot (Status)
  27. Dream Big by Footbal, Etc. on First Down (Self Released)
  28. Burn Alone by Pinehurst Kids on Viewmaster (4 Alarm)
  29. Through The Cage by Time Spent Driving on Passed & Presence (Cardigan)
  30. Existentialism On Prom Night by Straylight Run on Straylight Run (Victory)
  31. When Paula Sparks by Copeland on Dressed Up & In Line (The Millitia Group)