1. Le froid by Charlotte Adigéry on Charlotte Adigéry (DEEWEE)
  2. Oh my my by Smerz on Have Fun (XL)
  3. Wasteland by Tierra Whack on Wasteland (Tierra Whack)
  4. I'm Grateful by Céline Gillain on Bad Woman (Drama)
  5. Eternal by Holly Herndon on Eternal (4AD)
  6. Sadmoney by Uffie on Tokyo Love Hotel (Uffie)
  7. He Needs Me by Anika on No One's There (Invada)
  8. Golden Dreams by Deux on Golden Dreams (Minimal Wave)
  9. Restraint by The Golden Filter on Restraint (Dischi Autunno)
  10. HBW by Fenster on The Room (Altin Village & Mine)
  11. Memories by The Coathangers on The Devil You Know (Suicide Squeeze )
  12. Suck by Priests on Nothing Feels Natural (Sister Polygon)
  13. Ring by Michelle Blades on Ring (Midnight Special)
  14. Radar by TEEN on Good Fruit (Carpark Records)
  15. KARMA by ANOHNI, J. Ralph on KARMA (J. Ralph & ANOHNI)