Tuff Signals


  1. Radiate by Ex Hex on It's Real (Merge Records)
  2. I Don't Want Anymore by Good Shade on Way Out (Dirtnap Records)
  3. Grilled Cheese by The Lonely Parade on The Pits (Buzz Records)
  4. Mirror by RMFC on HIVE (Erste Theke Tonträger)
  5. Lockdown by Gal Gun on Special Music of Emotion (Dumpster Tapes)
  6. Clever Girl by Fox Face on Spoil + Destroy (Dirtnap Records)
  7. Club Nites by Dumb on Club Nites (Mint Records)
  8. Here Comes The Moon by The Tough Shits on Burning in Paradise (Burger Records)
  9. Cotton & Crane by Theatre on Living Theatre (Trouble In Mind)
  10. A Bigger Picture by Sonny & the Sunsets on Hairdressers from Heaven (Rocks in Your Head)
  11. Killing Time by Bikes on Bikes LP (Alien Snatch)
  12. Visions by The Umbrellas on Maritime EP (Discontinuous Innovations Inc)
  13. Taffy by Leggy on Let Me Know Your Moon (Manic Static)
  14. All Nighter by Gymshorts on Knock Knock (Wallflower Records)
  15. So Sick by THICK on THICK (Self Released)
  16. Backlit by Scrunchies on Stunner (Forged Artifacts)
  17. Vivid by Amanda X on Vivid End of Days (Self Released)
  18. Blood on Your Eyes by Angie on The Underling (DERO Arcade)
  19. Stranger Danger by The Coathangers on The Devil You Know (Suicide Squeeze)
  20. Salary Man by Kiwi Jr. on Football Money (Mint)
  21. Eugene Vampire by Kim Gray on Plastic Memory (Buzz Records)
  22. ADD Heart by Moving Panoramas on In Two (Modern Outsider)
  23. Conspiracy Theories by Gauche (Self Released)
  24. I'm So Tired (Of Living in the City) by Mystery Lights on Too Much Tension! (Wick Records)
  25. Some Devils by Ravi Shavi on Blackout Delux (Almost Ready Records)
  26. Way Beyond by The Lupines on Eternal Wax (Self Released)
  27. Mirror by Endless Column on S/T (Erste Theke Tonträger)
  28. Brut by No Men on Dear God Bring the Doom (Let's Pretend Records)
  29. Glistening Dots by Paint Thinner on Sea of Pulp (Oblek)
  30. Work by Frankie & The Witch Fingers on ZAM (Greenway)
  31. Awful Need by FEELS on Post Earth (Wichita)
  32. Get What I Want by Bad Bad Hats on Lightning Round (Afternoon)
  33. I Dream of Mark Lee by Hooveriii on Fathom (Self Released)
  34. Get Out by Herzog on Me V. You (Exit Stencil)
  35. Red Rum by Audacity on Bewildered Herd MLP (Taken By Surprise)