On the beach of sorts that spring

tower of silence

inner -fern


of these next two



  1. nexus on the beach by roberto Musci on tower of silence (music from memory)
  2. +371 by dominique dumont on five years of loving notes (antinote)
  3. Innerfern by Fredy Studer, Rainer Bruninghaus, Markus Stockhausen on continuum (ECM)
  4. spanish moss- a sound portrait: Savanah the serene by Billy Cobham on crosswinds (atlantic)
  5. Unicorn In Uniform by Connan Mockasin on Forever Dolphin Love (Phantasy Sound)
  6. I dont want nobody by Eddie Harris on I need some money (atlantic)
  7. I saw the snow today by Tim Presley on I have to feed Larry's hawk (drag city)
  8. involuntary bliss by eddie henderson on sunburst (blue note)
  9. improbably musica by Roberto Musci on tower of silence (music from memory)
  10. unable by suburban lawns on suburban lawns (capitol)
  11. Night in Medina by Randy Weston on blue moses (CTI)
  12. Go now by tirzah on devotion (domino sound)
  13. Much To Touch feat. Maija Karhunen by Planningtorock on Powerhouse (Human Level / DFA)
  14. improvisation #1 by Miles Davis on the cellar door sessions 1970 (sony BMG)
  15. sweet emotion by speculator on nice (under water peoples)
  16. we hold this myth to be potential by sun ra/john cage on a complete performance (el saturn)
  17. I remember when by Stan Getz on Buffalo 66' (sony)
  18. heart of the sunrise by yes on fragile (elektra entertainment company)
  19. dirty version by voxtrot on raised by wolves (cult hero)