The Swap Meet: Cal Tjader, Willie Bobo, Tito Puente, Joe Cuba, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha


  1. Guarachi Guaro by Cal Tjader on Tjader Plays Mambo (Fantasy)
  2. Theme to The Swap Meet by Pinched Nerve (Self Released)
  3. Cha Cha De Ramon by Joe Cuba on Joe Cuba (Embajador Discos)
  4. El Tramposo by Joe Cuba Sextet on Bailadores (Tico)
  5. Frenesi by Tito Puente on Dancing Under Latin Skys (RCA Victor)
  6. Mississippi Mambo by Noro Morales and His Orchestra on Holiday in Havana (Design)
  7. Mambo Ala Ferenz by Wally Fernez on Latin Heat Wave (Crown)
  8. Caravan by Jack Costanzo and His Afro Cuban Band on Jack Costanzo and His Afro Cuban Band (Palladium Latin Jazz and Dance)
  9. Manteca by Dizzy Gillespie (RCA Victor)
  10. Buen Gusto by Wally Fernez on Latin Heat Wave (Crown)
  11. Besame La Bembita by Pupi Lopez and His Orchestra on Cha Cha Cha (Design)
  12. I Showed Them by Cal Tjader on At Grace Cathedral (Fantasy)
  13. Spanish Grease by Willie Bobo on Spanish Grease (Verve)
  14. Cold Sweat by Mongo Santamaria on Cold Sweat (Columbia)
  15. We Got Latin Soul by Mongo Santamaria on Workin' on a Groovy Thing (Columbia)
  16. I Say A Little Prayer for You by Cal Tjader on Cal Tjader Sounds Out Burt Bacharach (Skye)
  17. Manuel Deeghit by Cal Tjader on Puttin It Together (Fantasy)
  18. El Pito by Joe Cuba on Estamos Haciendo Algo Bien (Tico)
  19. Mercy Mercy Marcy by Willie Bobo on Juicy (Verve)
  20. Boogaloo in Room 802 by Willie Bobo on 1 2 3 (MGM)
  21. Cuchy Frito Man by Cal Tjader (Verve)
  22. Watusi '65 by Ray Barreto (United Artists)
  23. Spooky by Cal Tjader on Cal Tjader Plugs In (Skye)
  24. Oye Como Va by Tito Puente on No Hay Mejor (Tico)
  25. Ti Mon Bo by Tito Puente on Tito Puente (Otra)
  26. Only Your Voice Juliana by Sweet Talks on Hollywood Highlife Party (Phillips)
  27. Do the Beat by Sweet Talks on Sweet Talks (Phillips)
  28. Jimmy by Bappi Lapiri on Disco Dancer (Polydor)