B-Side Dreams 158 - It's a Wonder


  1. Bubble by Wand on Laughing Matter (Drag City)
  2. Mirror by Grace Ives on 2nd (Dots Per Inch)
  3. Of Circuses and Spies by Sink Tapes on Enough to Flood the Cow (Mint 400 / Sniffling Indie Kids)
  4. Tailwind by Elva on Winter Sun (Tapete)
  5. Handful of Problems by Kim Gray on Plastic Memory (Buzz)
  6. What I Need by Jackie Mendoza on LuvHz (Luminelle)
  7. De Lejos by Jackie Mendoza (Luminelle)
  8. Littlel Sister by Claude Fontaine on Claude Fontaine (Innovative Leisure)
  9. Sunset by Stevie Wonder on Tribute to Uncle Ray (Motown 1962)
  10. Yearning by Sailawway on Yearning (Memory Foam)
  11. Dog in the Sun by PYNKIE on neoteny (Self)
  12. Monster Moon by Sun June on Monster Moon (Keeled Scales)
  13. Cool by Hana Vu (feat. Satchy) on How Many Times Have You Driven By (Luminelle)
  14. Hush by Rose Droll on Your Dog (Father/Daughter)
  15. TTYL by Morabeza tobacco on TTYL (Luminelle 2018)
  16. In Our Element by Kate Teague on In Our Element (Muscle Beach Records)
  17. Mea Culpa by Caroline Says on No Fool Like an Old Fool (Western Vinyl 2018)