Van Jams Sounds Like (not really)


  1. No Exit by Tennis on No Exit (unknown)
  2. Break
  3. Sycamore by Bill Callahan on Woke On a Whaleheart (Drag City)
  4. Daylight Matters by Cate le Bon on Daylight Matters (u/k)
  5. Cold Blooded Old Times by Smog on Knock Knock (u/k)
  6. IDGAF by Sam Evian on You, Forever (u/k)
  7. Come on Let's Go by Broadcast on The Noise Made by People (u/k)
  8. EARTHA by Jamila Woods on EARTHA (Jagjaguwar)
  9. You're the One by Alfie Ray on Tropical Indie (u/k)
  10. Break
  11. This Life by Vampire Weekend on This Life/Unbearably White (u/k)
  12. Cattails by Big Thief on Cattails (u/k)
  13. Binz by Solange on When I get Home (Columbia)
  14. Running by Helado Negro on Running (u/k)
  15. I Need You by Octo Octo on I Need You (u/k)
  16. Heaven by Charly Bliss on Heaven (u/k)
  17. The Colors That You Bring by Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble on Where Future Unfolds (International Anthem)
  18. Tricks by Stella Donnelly on Tricks (Secretly Canadian)
  19. Self Explained by Cherry Glazer on Stuffed and Ready (Secretly Canadian)
  20. Exorciseur by La Femme on Mystere (u/k)
  21. Break
  22. Pull Up the Roots by Talking Heads on Speaking in Tongues (Sire Records)
  23. I Want to Believe by Jennie Lawless on Two Songs (u/k)
  24. Suck The Blood From My Wound by Ezra Furman on Transangelic Exodus (Bella Union)
  25. Occasion by L.A. Priest on Inji (u/k)
  26. Subaru Nights by Insecure Men on Insecure Men (Fat Possum)
  27. Moment of Surrender by Nick Mulvey on Moment of Surrender (u/k)
  28. Break
  29. Cigar by Tamino on Amir (u/k)
  30. placeholder by Hand Habits on Placeholder (Saddle Creek)