Episode 54: Denley Hosts

4D_, Alex Szotak, Anml Plnt, BISARIA, CVST"""""""""?>>>>>, Cat Mahatta, Cellski, DJ Raw B and Luke Sick, Dailon, Dubldragon., Honey Gold Jasmine, Jada Imani, Jaji Preme, Jel, Lil Baby, Gunna, N.O.M.A.D. Luke, NimSins, Odd Nosdam, On Tilt, Professa Gabel, RUSH ONER AKA RUSHY, Roche, Ronesh, Shungu, St Spittin, Coco Peila, Trey Coastal, Tyler Coolidge, Will Randolph V, esq., brian mantra, samplelov, staRpauSe


  1. The Epiphany. by N.O.M.A.D. Luke on The Epiphany. (Self-Released)
  2. Drip Too Hard (arboreal Remix) by Lil Baby, Gunna on Drip Too Hard (arboreal Remix) (Self-Released)
  3. Pog Juice by Tyler Coolidge on Pog Juice (Coolranch Records)
  4. Ja Did That (Prod Gums) by Jaji Preme on (Soundcloud)
  5. Look Up by Jel on Late Pass (anticon.)
  6. Tall Wind by Odd Nosdam on Mirrors (Alien Transistor)
  7. we all try (prod. by ovrkast.) by samplelov on Soundcloud
  8. Barely by Cat Mahatta on Open Source (Practical Records)
  9. Moon Flower by Ronesh on Stone Groove (Pacific Standard Music)
  10. Lembrace by staRpauSe on Lucy Lefty (Grid AV)
  11. PeaceIsOfAMan (ProdDotWav) by NimSins on (Soundcloud)
  12. Wallets by CVST"""""""""?>>>>> on (Soundcloud)
  13. INVOCATION (DO U SEE ME?) by Will Randolph V, esq. on (Soundcloud)
  14. Drop Knowledge (feat. Spote Breeze) by Shungu on A Black Market Album (Sunthings Records)
  15. John Daly Exit by Professa Gabel on Ouch (Old Soul Kollective)
  16. *9000* produced by Illipede by RUSH ONER AKA RUSHY on (Soundcloud)
  17. What the Beat Say (feat. RanWithIt) by Trey Coastal on Brody! Brodi! Brodé (Franchise Digital Group LLC)
  18. Livin in the Bay (A Max Kane Recreation) by Cellski on Max Kane Re-Creations
  19. Higher Power by Honey Gold Jasmine on Supanova 7: Gold Soil (Self-Released)
  20. 727 by DJ Raw B and Luke Sick on Born Illness (Clean Cut Records LLC)
  21. Case by Dubldragon. on Case (Deep Thinka Records)
  22. Drip by Jada Imani on Drip (Self-Released)
  23. Avalanche by Alex Szotak on Avalanche (Self-Released)
  24. Beer Run (Wordsmiff Remix) by On Tilt on Beer Run (Wordsmiff Remix) (QMREC)
  25. Closure (Nah Nah) by St Spittin, Coco Peila on Luv N' HipHop: Bay Area, Season 1 - EP (Monsters Ink)
  26. Citiboi (feat. Future James) by BISARIA (Move Set Records)
  27. Eternal by Dailon on Eternal (Self-Released)
  28. SUPERSTAR by brian mantra on SUPERSTAR (Fresh Psyche)
  29. Caleb Choir by Anml Plnt on RYD Radio, Vol. 2 (RUIN YOUR DAY)
  30. Hollywood by 4D_ on (Soundcloud)
  31. A Future With No Robots by Roche on Integral Synthesia Sessions Vol. III (Jacktone Records)