Transfiguration #94 For Ida Life In The Afterlife Mix (tina burner)


  1. La Nuit II by Christophe Piette on Six Tableaux De Quelpaert
  2. Valle Interandino by omás Tello on La Danza Del Agua
  3. Zabriskie by Keru Not Ever on The Wind Of ?
  4. Palimpsest / Too Near by UCC Harlo on United
  5. Mauve by Aidan Baker, Faith Coloccia & Jon Mueller on See Through
  6. Blossoms in the Blue Sky by Celestial Trax on Serpent Power
  7. Blue Hour by Pinkshinyultrablast on Miserable Miracles
  8. Dream by Saba Alizadeh on Scattered Memories
  9. Passage by Channelers on Entrance to the Next
  10. Nami by Meitei on Komachi
  11. Ode to Ralph (feat. Ralph Smit) by Sydney on Ode to eSwatini
  12. Mineral by Camedor on Portal
  13. The Earliest Trace by Craig Leon on Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music, Vol. 2 (The Canon)
  14. Work (Reprise) by Utopia Cloak on Marina Garden
  15. Gaussian by Com Truise on Persuasion System
  16. Walking Preference by Matt Bachmann on Walking Preference
  17. Falstaff, in Awe by Louis Sterling on Adisceda
  18. Sportsmanship by Omni on PIECES FROM TBILISI
  19. Echo Shore by Voyage Futur on Secret Earth
  20. Love Means Taking Action by Croatian Amor on Love Means Taking Action
  21. Pièce 02 by DJ Psychiatre on Eclect Rec.
  22. Dreamcast by Ryan James Ford on Out of the Wreckage
  23. Friend Forest by Emily A. Sprague on Friend Forest
  24. Edge of Time by Susso Seki Singh on Orange Sunshine
  25. Of Yesterday (Instrumental) by Yu Su on Roll With the Punches
  26. Sentiment Oceanique by Basses Terres on Naked Light
  27. Techawit by Dexter Story on Bahir
  28. Xarracó by Mark Barrott on Sketches from a Distant Ocean
  29. Pede Mais (feat. Clara Valente) by Troels Hammer on Pede Mais (feat. Clara Valente)
  30. Singing into a tape recorder by Ida Hurt