Ep 75: "new neighbors in radioland"

China the band, their new album And Then Nothing Happened is out now (bandcamp), they play the Presidio Yacht Club this Thursday with Joshua Barnhart and Smokin' Ziggurats (facebook). 📸: Andrew Wallner, ig: @and_rew_and_you, (website)

Episode title is a reference to The Lost Tribe Serenade, the great new show preceding mine from 8-10am on BFF.fm, "A deeper side of Indie / Americana / vintage Italian film soundtrack / KPM music library / rare 60's & 70's rock, folk, soul, and beyond."

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twitter: @iluvmondaysWill

email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. Heartbreaker by AhMerAhSu
  2. Eyes that Roar by Maya Songbird on Welcome to the Darkside (Ratskin Records)
  3. Stuck by Smokin' Ziggurats on Face the Jazz (self-released)
  4. Blue Eyes by Joshua Barnhart
  5. Carnations by China on And Then Nothing Happened
  6. Crossing the Ohio by China on And Then Nothing Happened
  7. Lube Boys by Naked Roommate on Naked Roommate (Self Released)
  8. Private Museums by Neutrals on Promotional Cassette 2
  9. Animal Life by Groove Domestic Product on CS (Cleta Patra Records)
  10. Before Sunrise by Rays on You Can Get There From Here (Trouble in Mind)
  11. Cellophane by Warp on Warp EP
  12. Your Art by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes (Carpark Records)
  13. Bust by Lomelda on M for Empathy
  14. Takers by Judith Horn on 12 Shorties
  15. Hero (In the Back) by Dingbat Superminx on Public Luxury
  16. Paper by W0rk on Paper EP
  17. A Wall by Downtown Boys on Cost of Living (sub pop records)
  18. Crecer by Deseos Primtivos on Existir
  19. Open Minds Open Minds by Mayya & the Revolutionary Hell yeah! on Live at Cosmic Jive
  20. Times Up feat. Bryson Wallace by James Wavey on Roses
  21. Isolation by Little Arcs on First One
  22. Young by Baseball Gregg
  23. Some things always change by Max Gardener on Children Melting Velvet
  24. Pop Therapy by Video Age on Pop Therapy (Posh Rocket)
  25. one glorious morning by tony jay on 2019
  26. Be Kind by Blades Of Joy on Blades of Joy (Melters)
  27. Cosmic Heels by Jollys on Cosmic Heels (Salty Dog Records)
  28. Can I Come By by The Heartlights on Oh Dear (Burger Records)
  29. XPachecX by Marinero on Tropico de Cancer (Needle to the Groove)
  30. An Arrangement by Hits on Creatures
  31. Convertible Lady by Cool Banana on Crib Notes
  32. Itching by Try the Pie on Domestication
  33. Betrayal Internalized by Wizard Apprentice on Dig a Pit
  34. Hear The World by Diners on Three (Asian Man Records)
  35. Better Luck Next Time by Eve's Peach on Climbing Bittersweet
  36. The Energy Slaves of Abandoned Detroit (Demo) by Rip Florence on Rip Florence Presents
  37. Guard Rail by Grad Nite on Grow Out Your Hair
  38. Break
  39. High Five After the Basketball Game by Turner Capehart on Relapse