IO Ep.43 05.27.19


  1. Treetop by Clams Casino on Rainforest (Tri Angle Records)
  2. Break
  3. I'm God by Lil B on 6 Kiss (Basedworld Records)
  4. Souljaz from Tha Northside by DJ Smokey on Codeine Demonz (Positive Squad Records)
  5. Dip by Main Attrakionz on 808's & Dark Grapes III (Vapor Records)
  6. Naps by Shlohmo on Camping - EP (Friends Of Friends)
  7. Break
  8. The Black God by SpaceGhostPurrp on Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp (4AD Ltd)
  9. Purple Swag by A$AP Rocky on Purple Swag (A$AP Rocky Recordings LLC/RCA Records)
  10. Gon Be Okay by Lil B on Im Gay (BasedWorld)
  11. Chuch - Suicide Year Edit by Main Attrakionz on Sewer Greats, Vol.5 (Sewage Tapes)
  12. Ginseng Stip 2002 by Yung Lean on Lavender (YEAR0001)
  13. Break
  14. HotelSixNine (feat. Solomon da God) by Spooky Black on Leaving (SBM LLC)
  15. Perfect Skies by Friendzone on Collection I (MAGIC SERIES)
  16. Always Have A Choice - Street by Havoc on H Is Back (Strategy Music Group)
  17. Atta Boy (feat. Squadda B Bambino, DaVinci, Shady Blaze) by MondreMAN on They Say I Struggle Rap (SWTBRDS)
  18. Break
  19. IDRANKUPALLTHECLOUDS (feat. RPLDGHSTS) by Cities Aviv on BLACK PLEASURE 2012 (Total Works)
  20. Take Flight by Metro Zu on CSPG (Metro Zu)
  21. 11 Elbow Smash by G-Side on Gz II Godz (Slow Motion Records)