1. Check This Action by The LeRoi Brothers on Check This Action
  2. Margaya by The Fender Four
  3. Lucifera by Lemming
  4. Gotta Get Away by M.A.S.K.
  5. Wild Weekend by The Zeros
  6. Shake It Up by Nikki and the Corvettes
  7. Working Too Hard by The Nerves on One Way Ticket
  8. In Love With Today by The Users on Kicks In Style: Classic UK Punk 1976-1979
  9. Morning Bird by The Damned
  10. It by The Tights
  11. Drug Train by The Cramps on Off The Bone
  12. My Place by The Adverts
  13. Listen, Don't Think by Sleaze
  14. Home Is Where The Heart Is (1789 DEMO) by John Howard
  15. International Feel by Todd Rundgren on A Wizard, A True Star
  16. Re-Entry (Unidentified Flying Punk) by Norman and The Hooligans
  17. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment by Ramones
  18. Unable by Suburban Lawns
  19. Bye Bye My Rose by Things Fall Apart
  20. Starry Eyes by The Records
  21. Modern Kicks by The Exploding Hearts
  22. Real Girl by Brower