It's ALLSORTS of DON'T on @BFFdotFM w/ new sndz from The Upsetter Lee "Scratch" Perry, hip-hop poet Kate Tempest, lovely harmonic drone duo House and Land, Sleater-Kinney's riot grrrl return plus Rest In Peace Roky (and don't forget to MUSH) 


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  1. Don't Slander Me by Roky Erickson on Don't Slander Me (Light in the Attic) $ Buy
  2. Don't Fall Down by 13th Floor Elevators on The Psychedelic Sounds of.. (International Artists) $ Buy
  3. Don't Hold Back by Barbara Manning on Chico Daze (Barbara Manning) $ Buy
  4. Don't Ask Me Twice by Porridge Radio on Don't Ask Me Twice (Memorials of Distinction) $ Buy
  5. Don't Think... by Bama & the Family on Do the Soul Fire Box Set (Soul Fire) $ Buy
  6. Don't Stop the Music by Bits & Pieces on Funky Nassau: The Compass Point Story 1980-86 (Numero Uno) $ Buy
  7. Break
  8. Let It Rain by Lee "Scratch" Perry on Rainford (On U-Sound) $ Buy
  9. Magician's Success by Vanishing Twin on Age of Immunology (Domino) $ Buy
  10. Holy Elixir by Kate Tempest on the books of traps and lessons (Republic) $ Buy
  11. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt by Holly Herndon on PROTO (4AD ) $ Buy
  12. Two Sisters by House and Land on Across the Field (Thrill Jockey) $ Buy
  13. Ancient Intelligence by Sarah Louise on Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars (Thrill Jockey) $ Buy
  14. Painter of Tygers by Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore on TOUTPARTOUT sessions (Live) $ Buy
  15. The Palm of a Ghost by Maurice Louca on Elephantine (Northern Spy) $ Buy
  16. Sounds Like Now by Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble on Where Future Unfolds (International Anthem) $ Buy
  17. Spin by Kelan Philip Cohran & The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble on s/t (Honest Jon's) $ Buy
  18. Azo Toke by KOKOKO! on Azo Toke (ICI) $ Buy
  19. Break
  20. Your Room by Thriftys on Automatic Thought (Thriftys ) $ Buy
  21. Empty Vessel by Stephen Steinbrink on Utopia Teased (Western Vinyl ) $ Buy
  22. Hurry On Home by Sleater-Kinney on single (Mom + Pop) $ Buy
  23. Brush Your Hair by Sacred Paws on Run Around the Sun (Merge) $ Buy
  24. All Gone by Halfsour on Sticky (Firetalk) $ Buy
  25. Bravo by Lungbutter on Honey (Constellation) $ Buy
  26. Break
  27. Shephard's Welcome by Bill Callahan on Shephard in a Sheepskin Vest (Drag City) $ Buy