House of Love Episode #35 Getting back to Basics


  1. Forever Young by Rod Stewart on Out of Order (1988)
  2. Dreams by The Cranberries on Everybody is doing it, So why can’t I (1993)
  3. Drive by Incubus on Make Yourself (1998)
  4. Fashion by David Bowie on Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (1980)
  5. Roads by Portishead on Dummy (1994)
  6. Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure on Faith (1981)
  7. Metronomi by Krause Nomi on Za Bakdaz (2008)
  8. Joey by Concrete Blond on Bloodletting (1990)
  9. Paint it,Black by Ciara on Paint it, Black (2015)
  10. Homeostasis by Nostalghia on Chrysalis (2014)
  11. Good by Better Than Ezra on Deluxe (1993)
  12. Bury a Friend by Billie Ellish on When we all fall asleep, Where (2019)
  13. Loser by Beck on Mellow Gold (1994)
  14. Medellin (feat. Maluma) by Madonna on Madame X (2019)
  15. Walk Like and Egyptian by The Bangles on Different Light (2010)
  16. Pets by Porno For Pyros on Porno For Pyros (1993)
  17. Where Is My Mind by Pixies on Surfer Rosa (1988)