The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #162

bit of a banger this week, lots of techno! get in!


  1. Bombe Dub by Spatial on Partials Vol. 2 (Visit
  2. team by The Marcia Blaine School For Girls on Marcia Re-Edits
  3. Skooma by Yak on Termina EP (Visit
  4. Industry Repeats by DJ Overdose on HEARSE 001
  5. 08_forcd2.wav by slub on TOPLAP001 Prehistory of live coding (TOPLAP)
  6. Me Myself and I by Enrique on Self Loathing (Visit
  7. Raw Trax 4 by SURGEON on Raw Trax 1 (Dynamic Tension)
  8. Drenched 7 by SSTROM on Drenched 5-8 (Visit
  9. 159 by Turning Torso on CODE320 (Visit
  10. Untitled 05 by ioio on CODE014 (Visit
  11. ASCII SNAKE by Nebulo on ASCII SNAKE (Conditional, 2019)
  12. r4xp_2_04 by pxp on nada (Visit
  13. quop by pxp on nada (Visit
  14. Emanon by RHYTHIM IS RHYTHIM on 30 Years Of Rage: Part 1 & 2 (Rage)
  15. Antenna Gimp by Duplo Remote on Split Series #12 (Fat Cat)
  16. Xinri D by Yaporigami on Xinri C / Xinri D (Visit
  17. An Unnatural Sunset by Jake Mandell on Parallel Processes Plus (Visit
  18. 🕸 by XYZ on N0N (Visit
  19. Side A by Death Is Not The End on Bristol Pirates (Visit