ProFans Radio 3-2-15


  1. California Live by 2Pac on 2Pac Greatest Hits (Interscope)
  2. All The Time by Friendless Summer on Death Records Compilation Volume One (Death Records)
  3. amanda on friday by Froogy's Groovies (Death Records)
  4. Heart of Darkness by Fine Steps
  5. eye sore by Fleece on Eulogy
  6. Ur A Front by Never Young on S/T (Father/Daughter Records)
  7. Crush by Breather on S/T (Death Records)
  8. changes by 2pac
  9. Fall by Blooms
  10. Hi-Lo by Broken Water on Wrought LP (Night-People Records)
  11. Sever Your Love by Past Life on Past Life/Smiles Split EP (Death Records)
  12. Sad Faces by Smiles on Past Life/Smiles Split Ep (Death Records)
  13. We've Come So Far by A Place To Bury Strangers on Transfixation (Dead Oceans)
  14. I've Never Been More Alive by Pop Zeus & Wyatt Blair (Lollipop Records)
  15. Collage by Deep Inside on RNB (Death Records)
  16. Goodness by Rezzett (The Trilogy Tapes)
  17. Touch by Part/Human
  18. A Heart Don't Know by Jimmy Whispers on Summer in Pain (Moniker Records)
  19. Wardrobe by Air Surgeon (Death Records)
  20. Me Against the World by Tupac on Me Against the World (Interscope)
  21. Believe in Me by Emotional on Ahh... It's Emotional Baby
  22. Last Year by Joanna Gruesome on Peanut Butter (Slumberland Records)
  23. Love of My Life by Ruben and The Jets on Cruising With Ruben and The Jets
  24. Christine by Juniore - (Entreprise)
  25. Laney by Healing Popourri on Death Records Compilation (Death Records)
  26. Flowers On The Run by Teenage Chain on Death Records Compilation (Death Records)
  27. That's Fine by Toner on Toner LP (Don't Live Like Me)
  28. Can't C Me by Tupac