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  1. Across Your Life by Oriental Sunshine on --
  2. Gloria by Them on Them in Reality (ODL)
  3. The Dark Sea Dream by Shinki hen on The Smooth Factor (ODL)
  4. Of Dreams by Morgen on Morgen (ODL)
  5. Oh Deed I Do by Elyse Weinberg on Maximum Sitar: 18 songs from Psychedelic's Golden Age (ODL)
  6. Easy Ride by Relatively Clean Rivers on Relatively Clean Rivers (ODL)
  7. Trav'lin Man by Fred Neil on Travelin' Man (ODL)
  8. The Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group of Them All by Le Bataclan Paris, 1972 on Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico (ODL)
  9. Walk On (Right Out of My Life) by Pat and Lolly Vegas on At the Haunted House (ODL)
  10. Love Beads and Meditations by The Lemon Pipers on Jungle Marmalade (ODL)
  11. My Eyes Are Getting Heavy by Parish Hall on Parish Hall (ODL)
  12. I Won't Hurt You by West Coast Experimental Pop Band on West Coast Experimental Pop Band Companion (ODL)
  13. I'm Such a FOol by Judy Brown on The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Companion (ODL)
  14. When I Leave Berlin by Wizz Jones on When I Leave Berlin (ODL)
  15. Gozala by Dakila on Dakila (ODL)
  16. I've Got Some Happiness by Leland on A Self-Taught, Decathlon, Hard Rock Musician (ODL)
  17. Big Headed Woman by Speed, Glue on Eve (ODL)
  18. Today by Czar on Czar (ODL)
  19. Russian Red by Area Code 615 on Trip in the Country (ODL)
  20. Sitting Here On A Tongue by The Godrick Whipperjenny on The Godrick Whipperjenny (ODL)
  21. Anfang by Psych Bites
  22. Some Day (We Meet Again) by Flied Egg on Dr. Diegel's Flied Egg (ODL)
  23. It Stops the Rain by Ike Reiko on you,baby (ODL)
  24. Railway and Gun by The Human Instinct on Stoned Guitar (ODL)
  25. Bonnie Wee Fling by Rick Hayward on Rick Hayward (odl)
  26. Walkin' and Singin' by lll Wind on Flashes (ODL)