1. The Loner by Ty Segall on Fudge Sandwich
  2. Hammer I Miss You by Jay Reatard on Singles '06-'07 (In The Red Recordings)
  3. Mode by Audacity on Power Drowning (BURBER RECORDS)
  4. Bring by The Spits on The Spits
  5. Contraption/Soul Desert by Thee Oh Sees on Carrion Crawler / The Dream (In The Red)
  6. Equestrian by Omni on Multitask (Trouble in Mind)
  7. I by B Boys on Dada
  8. Sun Medallion by King Tuff on Was Dead (BURGER RECORDS)
  9. New Day Tonight by Michael Rault on It's a new day tonight (Wick Records)
  10. Hacksaw by Brower on Buzzsaws
  11. Huevos Viejos by Davila 666 on Huevos Viejos
  12. Glazin' by Jacuzzi Boys on Glazin' (BURGER RECORDS)
  13. The Skies Above (45 Mix) by The Equals (President Records)
  14. Frantic Romantic by The Scientists on Pissed On Another Planet
  15. All This And More by Dead Boys on Young Loud and Snotty
  16. Go Home by Ty Segall on Ty Segall (Drag City)
  17. My Shadow by Jay Reatard on Blood Visions (In The Red)
  18. Another Thing by B Boys on Dada
  19. Beautiful Blue Sky by Ought on Sun Coming Down
  20. Punisha by Amyl & The Sniffers on Big Attraction
  21. Spit Me Out by The Spits on The Spits (In The Red)
  22. The Boy by Shannon and The Clams on Onion