Ep 81: "Open Up"

Wizard Apprentice, whose EP is the cathartic Dig a Pit (bandcamp), is on tour with Brin from Portland, they're playing with K'in Sventa and Brogan Bentley Tuesday at the Elbo Room, and then Wednesday at the Honey Hive Gallery in Outer Sunset, including a performance art piece by IDHAZ. 📸: Myron Fung ig: @fungipower

Episode title is from the Topographies song "Open Up" (bandcamp)

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  1. Baby Wave by Mariee Sioux on Grief in Exile (self release)
  2. Tennessee by Time Fraud on I used to get lost
  3. Get Well Soon by Boy Scouts on Free Company (ANTI)
  4. Hazelwood by Bells Atlas on the Mystic
  5. Impulse Control by Vacant Stares
  6. Open Up by Topographies on Part Time Punks Sessions
  7. Gloves Are Off by Wizard Apprentice on Dig A Pit (Ratskin Records)
  8. Betrayal Internalized by Wizard Apprentice on Dig a Pit (Ratskin Records)
  9. Strata East Bucle by K'in Sventa on Bucles (true indigo)
  10. once runner by brin on talea (lilerne)
  11. Smoke by Brogan Bentley on The Snake
  12. You Like Your Job by Andy Human & the Reptoids on Psychic Sidekick (Total Punk)
  13. Don't Try by Beehive on Depressed & Distressed
  14. Drunk House Guests by Mikayla McVey on Desert Companion
  15. Bite My Tongue by Aviva le Fey
  16. Time's Up by James Wavey feat. Bryson Wallace on Roses
  17. Tucans Nose by Kamikaze Palm Tree
  18. Sinking Building by Nate Budroe on Casa Pacheco
  19. Gasoline by Miserable on Loverboy/ Dog Days
  20. Tenderloin by Spiritual Cramp on Mass Hysteria EP
  21. Weight by Mikal Cronin on MCII
  22. Pinch the Dream by CFM on Dichotomy Desaturated (In the Red)
  23. Weird Glow by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Weird Glow (Burger Records)
  24. Lube Boys by Naked Roommate on Naked Roommate
  25. Militant by Natural Man & The Flamin' Hot Band on EP (Neck Chop Records)
  26. Bangers by Blank Square on Animal I (Castle Face)
  27. Bangers by Blank Square on Animal I (Castle Face)
  28. Language of Love by Earth Girl Helen Brown on Four Satellites Vol. 1 (In the Red)
  29. Placeholder by Hand Habits on Placeholder (Saddle Creek)
  30. do that by Rayana Jay on do that (all angles / empire)
  31. Basura by Provoke on Still Here
  32. Ni Una Mas by Fatal State on Promo
  33. 200 Deer, 1 Rabbit by Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs on Plastic Surgery (Bird Flu Kitchen)
  34. I Don't Know by Basha
  35. What's Wrong with Me by Fast Execution on Total Bitch
  36. Strangers by Grumpster