creep magnet #96


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  1. Serpentine by ani difranco on evolve (righteous babe) $ Buy
  2. do you wanna do donuts by the frumpies on frumpie one piece (kill rock stars) $ Buy
  3. throwaway by coolies on live (-) $ Buy
  4. kool thing by sonic youth on goo (geffen) $ Buy
  5. rebel girl by bikini kill on pussy whipped (kill rock stars) $ Buy
  6. feels blind by bikini kill on demo (kill rock stars) $ Buy
  7. axemen by heavens to betsy on calculated (Kill Rock Stars ) $ Buy
  8. made of shadows by rays on rays (trouble in mind) $ Buy
  9. aqua girl star by huggy bear on our troubled youth (wiiija) $ Buy
  10. Ellos Quieren Sangre by varsovia on Recursos Inhumanos (buh records) $ Buy
  11. look on down from the bridge by mazzy star on among my swan (capitol) $ Buy
  12. into dust by mazzy star on so tonight i might see (capitol) $ Buy
  13. you're the one by tracy chapman on come on over (elektra) $ Buy
  14. nosebleed by sarah coolidge on foxcourt sessions (self released) $ Buy
  15. warrior for hire by nu normol on demo (soft release) $ Buy