1. Forget Me by Bobby Vee on A Bobby Vee Recording (-)
  2. Forget Him by Cilla Black on In My Life (Parlophone Records)
  3. Forget Him by Gary Lewis & The Playboys on This Diamond Ring (Capitol)
  4. I Forgot to Remember to Forget by Elvis Presley on A Date With Elvis (1959)
  5. Once Upon a Memory by Dolly Parton on Love Is Like A Butterfly (Sony)
  6. Honky Tonk Amnesia by Moe Bandy on I Just Started Hatin' Cheatin' Song (GRC)
  7. Forgettin' Bout You by Denise Morrison on Denise Morrison (Fable)
  8. The Big Forget by The Platters on The New Soul of the Platters (UMG)
  9. Amnesiac by Sylvia Plath on Sylvia Plath Reads Her Poetry (OMC)
  10. Forgive and Forget by Mary Wells on Looking Back 1961-1964 (Motown)
  11. Try to Forget Him by Jackie Shannon on Breakin' It Up On The Beatles Tour (EMI)
  12. Forget Me Not by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas on Ridin' High (Motown Records)
  13. Candy, Forget About Me by Shannon and the Clams on Dreams in the Rat House (Hardly Art)
  14. I'll Never Forget What's Her Name by Nitty Griddy Dirt Band on Ricochet (Capitol)
  15. Do You Remember Walter? by The Kinks on The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society (Reprise)
  16. I Forgot to Forget You by David Essex on Imperial Wizard (7Ts)
  17. Amnesia by Pelican on Uppteknir (Tonafloo)
  18. How Can I Forget You by Gram Parson on Live in Ney Work 1973 (Media Champ)
  19. I Keep Forgetting by Procol Harum on Procol's Ninth Remastered and Expanded (Esoteric Recordings)
  20. Living in a Memory by The Growlers on Hung at Heart (Everloving)
  21. Forget It by Rodriguez on Cold Fact (UMG)
  22. I Forget and I Can't Tell by Arthur Russell on Love Is Overtaking Me (Audika)
  23. I Don't Want to Forget How to Jive by Thin Lizzy on Shades of Blue Orphanage (Decca)
  24. Amnesia Vivace by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of all Invention on Absolutely Free (Universal)
  25. Been Friends Too Long (Forget It) by R. Stevie Moore on Next / Apologies to Mr. Gottlieb (Spunky Monkey Music)
  26. That's It, Forget It by Gleaming Spires on Life Out on the Lawn (Posh Boy Music)
  27. Don't Forget by Brainstorm on Smile a While (Musea)
  28. You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory by Johny Thunders on Born Too Loose (Jungle Records)
  29. Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads on Remain in Light (Sire Records)
  30. Amnesia by SpizzEnergi on Where's Captain Kirk: Best of Spizz (-)
  31. Veronica by Elvis Costello on Spike (Warner Records)
  32. Amnesia by The Rubinoos on Paleophonic (Beserkley )
  33. Let's Forget It by Geraint Watkins on Geraint Watkins & the Dominators (Jungle Records)
  34. Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds on The Breakfast Club soundtrack (1985)