1. Every Man (12 Version) by Tchai and Merger
  2. Tumblers To The Vault by Syrinx on Tumblers from the Vault
  3. Ätsch Ätsch by In-Seit
  4. Univers by Peggy Luxbeurk on Paris Mix (Zeb)
  5. What Am I Gonna Do For Fun by Pitch on What Am I Gonna Do For Fun 12 (On / Off Records)
  6. Ruckzuck by Kraftwerk on Kraftwerk
  7. Mizu Cina by Dzeltenie Pastnieki on Vienmer Klusi
  8. Tri-Tra-Trullala by Joachim Witt on Edelweiß
  9. Reggae Music (Instrumental Version) by Marionettes
  10. Final Call by Milena Caso on 12 (Patto Records)
  11. We R. by Chrisma on Hibernation
  12. Jestem Twoim Grzechem (I am Your Sin) by Izabela Trojanowska on Iron Curtain Call: Dance Music from the Soviet Sphere of Influence
  13. Lesezirkel Melodie by Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle
  14. Body Talk - Dub Remix by Imagination on 12
  15. Byłeś, jesteś, będziesz mój (you were, you are, you will be mine) by Krystyna Prońko on Subtelna Gra
  16. Amerikan Dread by Victor on Amerikan Dread
  17. Light in Darkness by YMO