The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #168

grimmey, innit.


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  1. Nuh Ramp by Basic Rhythm on 2 Da Core (Visit $ Buy
  2. Vibesman by CHUNKY on Vibesman / Lyric Mi (-) $ Buy
  3. girlblunt by 8ULENTINA on 8ULENTINA SUMMER PACK (Visit $ Buy
  4. Charcoal by Crump on Charcoal (-) $ Buy
  5. Talk To Me-Clock Me by Eight Frozen Modules on The Lost And Found Psychosis of Eight Frozen Modules V​.​2 (Visit $ Buy
  6. Vapid Luxury by Myriam Bleau on Lumens & Profits (Visit $ Buy
  7. Idolplex by Isolat Pattern on Trance Venereal / Idolplex (Visit $ Buy
  8. Time by Forest Drive West on Blue 05 (Visit $ Buy
  9. Cherries on Shoulders by Karen Gwyer on Man on Mountain (Visit $ Buy
  10. squix by pxp on nada (Visit $ Buy
  11. Item 7 by Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus on 11 Items (Visit $ Buy
  12. Capital Crisis (New City Loop) by Helm on Chemical Flowers (PAN) $ Buy
  13. byte by Zahn | Hatami | McClure on ypsilon (Visit $ Buy
  14. 262 by Turning Torso on CODE320 (Visit $ Buy
  15. A Mother's Love by Akiko Haruna on Delusions (Visit $ Buy
  16. Wanna Do It by Jimmy Edgar on DEVINE EDGAR EP (Visit $ Buy
  17. dioxippe by exael on dioxippe (Visit $ Buy
  18. How High Is The Moon by Delroy Edwards on Dubonnet (Visit $ Buy
  19. slowpimi by rapo on Electrical Thoughts (Visit $ Buy
  20. Ibuprofen by Yaws on The Hollow Hum (-) $ Buy
  21. Mitherer by SDEM on Index Hole (-) $ Buy
  22. Fail Better (Bent Mix) by Stenny on IT041 Stenny - Stress Test (Visit $ Buy
  23. Untitled by AVR on Long Distance Vol. 1 (Visit $ Buy