The Revolution Summer 114


  1. Hit By A Car (In Euphoria) by The Early November on Lilac (Rise)
  2. If It Makes You Happy by Dikembe on If It Makes You Happy (Self Released)
  3. Break
  4. Sanctuary City by Signals Midwest on Pin (Lauren)
  5. Maladroit by Pine on Maladroit (No Sleep)
  6. Januray 1979 by newithoutYou on Catch For Us The Foxes (Tooth & Nail)
  7. The After Party by Bad Books on II (Triple Crown)
  8. Fishing the Sky by The Appleseed Cast on Mare Vitalis (Deep Elm)
  9. Break
  10. Everything That Hurts by Justin Courtney Pierre on Everything That Hurts (Self Released)
  11. Break
  12. Constant Headache by Joyce Manor on S/T (Asian Man)
  13. Existentialism On Prom Night by Straylight Run on Straylight Run (Victory)
  14. Break
  15. Act Apalled by Circa Survive on Punk Goes Acoustic, Vol. III (Fearless)
  16. Match & Tinder by You Blew It! on Keep Doing What You're Doing (Topshelf Records)
  17. Covert by Basement on Colourmekindness (Run FOr Cover)
  18. Let's Talk About Your Hair by Have Mercy on The Earth Pushed Back (Top Shelf)
  19. Break
  20. Send Her To Heaven by The All-American Rejects on Send Her To Heaven (Epitaph)
  21. Never Saw It Coming by Tigers Jaw on Tigers Jaw (Run For Cover)
  22. I've Given Up On You by Real Friends on Put Yourself Back Together (Glamour Kills)
  23. The Night I Drove Alone by Citizen on Youth (Run For Cover)
  24. Honeybee by Seahaven on Winter Forever (Run For Cover)
  25. Break
  26. Daylily by Movements on Feel Something (Fearless)
  27. Flashlight by The Front Bottoms on The Front Bottoms (Bar/None)
  28. Break
  29. Such Small Hands by La Dispute on Somewhere at The Bottom of the river between Vega and Altair (No Sleep)
  30. I Don't Mind by Defeater on Empty Days & Sleepless Nights (Bridge Nine)
  31. Love Your Friends, Die Laughing by Man Overboard on Man Overboard (Rise)
  32. Passing Through A Screen Door by The Wonder Years on The Greatest Generation (Hopeless)
  33. Dary by Hot Mulligan on Opportunities (No Sleep)
  34. Flannel by The Cardboard Swords on Remnants (Self Released)
  35. Randy, I Am The Liqour by Free Throw on Bear Your Mind (Triple Crown)
  36. Collector by I Kill Giants on I Kill Giants (Broken World Media)
  37. Scared Enough by Brave Bird on Maybe You, No One Else Is Worth It (Count Your Lucky Stars)
  38. Boat Rich by Dads on Pretty Good (6131)
  39. Applebee's Bar by Spraynard on Mable (Jade Tree)