Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2015-03-09)

like, almost 100% drone <3


  1. Countenance by Ryan Huber on Akharon (Inam)
  2. Ending (Part 4) by Bill Seaman on F (Noir) (Eilean)
  3. Sun Ghosts by Wolf Maps on Sun Ghosts (Futuresequence)
  4. Orbital Drag by Mirko on Mirko (Room40)
  5. Sto_rys by Jacek Sienkiewicz on Nomatter (No.)
  6. improv v by Luciana Bass on Improvised Guitar Pieces (Pan Y Rosas)
  7. Victorian Mirror by David Tagg on Personal Debris (self released)
  8. If You Insist by Howard Stelzer on How To (Phage)
  9. Vantomani by Ruhe on Chamber Loops (Dauw)
  10. Plinth by Tim Catlin and Machinefabriek on Whorls (Low Point)
  11. Mirrorball Sea by Midnight Tales on Eternalism (Sacred Phrases)
  12. Still Grey Apparitions Where the Precipice Meets the Sunbeams by Invisible Path on Hallowed Ground (Sacred Phrases)