creep magnet #99


  1. app 4 that by abi ooze on bad egg (aklasan)
  2. KUT by abi ooze on bad egg (aklasan)
  3. INTO by abi ooze on bad egg (aklasan)
  4. i don't wanna by abi ooze on bad egg (aklasan)
  5. bad egg by abi ooze on bad egg (aklasan)
  6. parking meter by drama on drama (aklasan)
  7. i'm crying by red aunts on ghetto blaster (epitaph)
  8. aunt sally by aunt sally on aunt sally (vanity records)
  9. eyes by big joanie on sistahs (sistah punk)
  10. (life) after dark by the flowers on confessions (pop aural)
  11. attention whore by dear forbidden on glitter and disonance (694592 Records DK)
  12. we're not dead by sarah bethe nelson on fast moving clouds (burger)
  13. scarlet by lush on gala (4AD)
  14. thinning by snail mail on habit (sister polygon)
  15. katholic kunt by huggy bear on rubbing the impossible to burst (wiiija)
  16. aerobicide by julie ruin on julie ruin (kill rock stars)
  17. tell me where by jennifer lara on studio one presents (studio one)