transfiguration #105 contemplate dance mix (tina burner)


  1. Sofware by Project Pablo on Sofware
  2. Fade to Black by Hugo Massien on Dance Trax, Vol. 21
  3. Static by Dusky on Life Signs Vol. 1
  4. Actress by Otik on Orbitration
  5. Terra by DJ DIFFERENT on Visions
  6. Valmara by Sonter on Cassée
  7. Sippin Dew Drops by Nachtbraker on Parmigiana
  8. Washed Out by Tape Hiss on Crystal Voyage
  9. Abraxas by Lone on Abraxas
  10. Please, Tell Me by Jacopo Sb on You and Me
  11. Mana Sadhana by Radiant Aura Faculty on Parallel Minds Vol. 1
  12. It Feels Real by kanyalang! on Dem Feels
  13. Untitled by Killer DJ's on Tiny Planet Vol 1.
  14. Hypomania by Dust-e-1 on The Cosmic Dust
  15. Slapende Honden by Axefield on SAFE
  16. Sun Trip by D.Tiffany on Needs 006
  17. Bodies Meld Together by Octo Octa on Bodies Meld Together
  18. Crystal Cove by Ray Kandinski on Crystal Cove
  19. Azurro by DJ Fee on Azurro
  20. Akward Eye Contact by Premis on Mutual
  21. Where Do We Go From Here? by No Moon on Where Do We Go from Here?