THE SUN | Herbie Hancock, The Juan Maclean, Len, The Police

🌈☀️Salute the sun! The source of all. Helios, sol, apollo, the great ball of fire in the sky, whatever you want to call it, we all depend on the same sun!

Groove out with me to these golden summertime jams with a plenty of vintage rock and jazz, new dance-y releases like Session Victim and Laure Briard, a Reggie Watts track with Flight Facilities, and more.


Night Light Radio is recorded live on because music is a sound rainbow and we are all prisms!

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  1. Sailing the Solar Flares by Dirtwire on Dirtwire (Beats Antique Records)
  2. Hear The Sun by Session Victim, Iron Curtis on Dawn (Delusions of Grandeur)
  3. Sunshine by Flight Facilities, Reggie Watts on Down To Earth (Future Classic)
  4. Sun Song by Nicola Conte, Gianluca Petrella on Sun Song / Nigeria (Edizioni Ishtar snc)
  5. Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant) by ODESZA, Madelyn Grant on In Return (Foreign Family Collective u/l Counter Records)
  6. The Sun by Myd on The Sun (Ed Banger dist. Because Music LC33168)
  7. Sun Goddess (feat. Ramsey Lewis) by Earth, Wind & Fire on Sun Goddess (Columbia Records, div of Sony)
  8. Sunlight by Herbie Hancock on Sunlight (SONY BMG music ent)
  9. House of the Rising Sun by Idris Muhammad on House of the Rising Sun (Epic Records, div of Sony)
  10. Movement of the Sun (feat. Sabu Jiyana) by Jennifer Johns, Sabu Jiyana on Azania (The Nayo Movement)
  11. Hello Sunshine by Relatively Clean Rivers on Relatively Clean Rivers (ODL)
  12. Who Loves The Sun - 2015 Remastered by The Velvet Underground on Loaded: Re-Loaded 45th Anniversary Edition (Rhino Entertainment Co., Warner Music Group Co.)
  13. Everybody Loves the Sunshine by Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White on Gentlewoman, Ruby Man (Glassnote Ent. Group LLC)
  14. The Sun Will Never Set On Our Love by The Juan Maclean on In A Dream (DFA LLC)
  15. Steal My Sunshine by Len on You Can't Stop the Bum Rush (Work Group)
  16. Kooky Sun by Laure Briard on Kooky Sun (Midnight Special Records)
  17. Sunshowers by M.I.A. on Arular (XL)
  18. Island in the Sun by Ringo Starr on Postcards from Paradise (Rocabella)
  19. Invisible Sun by The Police on Ghost In The Machine (Remastered 2003) (A&M Records)
  20. Dripping Sun by Kikagaku Moyo on Masana Temples (Guruguru Brain)
  21. Sunshine by John Talabot on Sunshine (Hivern Discs)