1. Paranoia by C.C.T.V. on C.C.T.V. (Lumpy Records)
  2. People Come in Waves by The Sueves
  3. Contrition by The Booji Boys
  4. Hippie Vomit Inhaler by SURFBORT
  5. Livin In The Future by Gee Tee
  6. Headcheese Heart Throb by BB Eye on How To Stop Worrying & Start Quacking (Self-Released)
  7. Connecting by POW!
  8. Greaser by R.M.F.C. on Hive
  9. Drag Hammer by DRAGGS on Slime Street (Pissfart Records)
  10. Knives on Both Sides by Ex-Cult
  11. Falling In by GØGGS on GOGGS
  12. High Anxiety by SURFBORT on Friendship Music
  13. That Clown's Got A Gun by Uranium Club on All of Them Naturals
  14. Hope Dealers by POW! on Hi-Tech Boom
  15. mr. investigator by ex-cult on negative growth (castle face)
  16. Shoemaker Levy 9 by Hierophants on Spitting Out Moonlight
  17. Trippy by Uh Bones
  18. Wrong Right Girl by The Rubs
  19. Everyday Killer by Uh Bones on Honey Coma (Randy Records)
  20. Robot House by R.M.F.C. on Hive
  21. Limousine by Hierophants
  22. Flower of Hate by Surfbort on Billy
  23. Possession by Sarah Mclaughlin on Fumbling Toward Grace