Tuff Signals

Just Jess!


  1. Auteur Detour by The Intelligence on Un-Psychedelic in Peavy City (Vapid Moonlighting)
  2. Feel It Now by The Pinheads on Is This Real (Stolen Body)
  3. Submission by Dumb on Club Nites (Mint)
  4. Sneakers by Palehound on Black Friday (Polyvinyl)
  5. The Conversation by Sacred Paws on Run Around The Sun (Merge)
  6. Slang Words by The Gotobeds on Debt Begins at 30 (Sub Pop Records)
  7. Headstones by Girl Friday on Fashion Conman (Hardly Art)
  8. Sorceress by Desert Sharks on Baby's Gold Death Stadium (Substitute Scene)
  9. Detoxification by NO/NO on Diagnostic (Self Released)
  10. Jane by Patrick Jennings on Immediate (Let's Pretend Records)
  11. I Want by B Boys on Dudu (Captured Tracks)
  12. Peak Hour Traffic by The Living Eyes on Peak Hour Traffic (Anti-Fade)
  13. Settle by Alluvial Fans on Lag Air (Self Released)
  14. Radio by Ty Segall on First Taste (Drag City)
  15. Glistening Dots by Paint Thinner on Sea of Pulp (Oblek)
  16. Daddy Issues by Pip Blom on Boat (Heavenly / PIAS)
  17. Catalog by Froth on Duress (Wichita)
  18. I Could Be The One by Kitty Kat Fan Club on Dreamy Little You (Asian Man)
  19. Just Like a Ringing Bell by Titus Andronicus on An Obelisk (Merge)
  20. Control by Amyl and The Sniffers on Amyl and The Sniffers (ATO)
  21. Forever by Evening Standards on Worlds End (Let's Pretend Records)
  22. Social Abrasion by Sneeze on Fin (Tor Johnson Records)
  23. Planet Blue by Amy O on Shell (Winspear)
  24. Safer Off by Lilith on Safer Off (Self Released)
  25. Rock Show by Hitter on Mini LP (Let's Pretend Records)
  26. Shockwave by Trampoline Team on Kill You (Self Released)
  27. Nowhere Fast by Baby Shakes (Self Released)
  28. The Shame by Prettiest Eyes on Volume 3 (Castle Face Records)
  29. One Of Many by Summer Cannibals on Can't Tell Me No (Tiny Engines)
  30. Lost In Lima by Young Mammals on Lost in Lima (Wallflower Records)
  31. Drunk II by Mannequin Pussy on Patience (Epitaph)
  32. New Comedown by Plague Vendor on By Night (Epitaph)
  33. My Friend Sean by Pinky Pinky on Turkey Dinner (Innovative Leisure)
  34. Dream Cleaver by Death Valley Girls (Suicide Squeeze)
  35. Capitol Drive by Vacation on Zen Quality Seed Crystal (Salinas Records)
  36. In The Morning by Double Grave on Ego Death Dorever (Forged Artifacts)