BRVS #96 with Myles Cooper


  1. Keep it Movin' by Choyce Love (na)
  2. Jaco Pastorius by Portrait of Tracy on Jaco Pastorious (Sony BMG Entertainment)
  3. Warm Summer Night by Chic on Risque (Atlantic)
  4. Carino by T Coy on 001 EP (Deconstruction Reconstructed)
  5. Moments in Love by Art of Noise on And What have with my body God? (ZTT Records Limited)
  6. Holding On feat. Intense by Acebeat Music on Body of Work The Classic Jersey House Sound (Acebeat Music)
  7. Love Interlude by Terrence Parker on Motor City Life (Goldman Music)
  8. Burden's Down by Scan 7 (Elypsia Records)
  9. And then She stepped aside by Harold Budd & Hector Zazow on Glyph (Crammed Discs)
  10. The Oh of Pleasure by Ray Lynch on Deep Breakfast (NA)
  11. (Chinese Pop) by unknown on NA (NA)
  12. One Wish by Hiroshima on NA (NA)
  13. Silent Love by Joe Hisaishi on A Scene at the Sea original soundtrack (Wonder City Ink)
  14. II. Slow 3:12 by Steve Reich on Double Sextet 2x5 (na)