transfiguration #109 the journey begins mix (tina burner)


  1. My Body Is Powerful by Octo Octa on Resonant Body
  2. Relight by Chocolate Hills on A Pail of Air
  3. Friendly Cortex by AtomTM on Dots
  4. Crion by Leo Anibaldi on De:10.07
  5. Chase by Pilgrims of the Mind on Subtropiques: The Early Excursions (1993 - 1994)
  6. Tipu's Tiger (feat. Pender Street Steppers) by Yu Su on Roll With the Punches
  7. 2see by Priori on On A Nimbus
  8. Be Dup (Original Mix) by Pure Science, Sci-Phi on Sci-Phi
  9. Strobe Light Network (Space Night Edit) by Cold on Strobe Light Network (Remixes)
  10. Common Bad by Olo on Hardcore
  11. Grace by The Durutti Column on Fidelity
  12. Bedouin by The Orb on Orblivion
  13. Black Dog by Modest House on Long Distance Vol. 1
  14. Marizpan (Left Overs) by Brainwaltzera on Marzipan
  15. Flim by Aphex Twin on Come to Daddy
  16. Sportmanship by Moonlit on PIECES FROM TBILISI
  17. 4see by Priori on On A Nimbus
  18. A New Beginning Ending by Qnete on Fifty-five Ways
  19. So Very Close by Julius Steinhoff on Forgotten Garden
  20. Incandescent Longing (Tape Hiss Remix) by Tserg on Incandescent Longing EP + Remixes
  21. Halcyon and On and On by Orbital on Orbital 2
  22. Other Worlds by Kloke on Diamond Life 04