World of Echo Episode 56


  1. More Real by The Necessaries on Event Horizon (Sire Records)
  2. Street People by Bobby Charles on Bobby Charles (Rhino Entertainment)
  3. Deep Blue Sea by Art Lown on Sad About the Times (Anthology Recordings)
  4. Travelin' by Jimmy Carter and Dallas Country Green on Summer Brings the Sunshine (Numero Group)
  5. Apart of Me by Country Funk on Country Funk (Fallout)
  6. I Knew Her Well by Sandy Harless on Sandy Harless: Songs (Numero)
  7. Cosmic Piece by Cleve Pozar on Solo Percussion (CSP)
  8. Once Upon A Time (A Children's Tale) by Marion Brown on Geechee Recollections (Impulse!)
  9. John's Children by Byard Lancaster on It's Not Up to Us (Vortex)
  10. Fast Road to Nowhere by Ariel Kalma on Le Temps de Moissons (Astral Music Production)
  11. Amir by Henri Texier on Amir (Eurodisc)
  12. Triennale by C. Joynes & the Furlong Bray on The Borametz Tree (Feeding Tube)
  13. Light by Amon Duul II on Lemmingmania (Revisited Records)
  14. Looper (Demo) by Moby Grape on Truly Fine Citizen (Columbia)