The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Rota & DJ Retrofit and Red This Ever (Washington, DC) 9/10/19


  1. Paper Tigers by Chameleons on Script of the Bridge
  2. Black No. 1 by Type O Negative on Bloody Kisses
  3. Psychedelic Sacrafice by Electric Hellfire Club on Burn, Baby, Burn!
  4. Heretic's Fork by Spahn Ranch on The Coiled One
  5. Ruins by O.Children on O.Children
  6. Asphole by Pigface on Notes from Thee Underground
  7. Jonathan Bree by Waiting On The Moment
  8. Oblivion by Ash Code on Oblivion
  9. Birthday by Cruxshadows on DreamCypher
  10. Black Milk by Massive Attack on Mezzanine
  11. Klefi/Samed by Hatari feat. Bashar Murad on Klefi
  12. Underground by Red This Ever on unreleased version
  13. Riot (Rob Dust Remix) by Vanguard on Riot
  14. Jewels (Wolftron Remix) by 2 Libras on Museum Days
  15. 666 On The Crucifix by Caustic on The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit