22 - Deep Faded


  1. Afterglow by Genesis on Seconds Out (Charisma)
  2. When Do I Get To Sing My Way by Beyond The Door on Redd Kross (Merge)
  3. Mongoloid by Popchor Berlin
  4. - by Mitzuana Shobadon
  5. Just As You Are by Robert Wyatt
  6. 9-11 Tribute by Unknown Artist
  7. Walking The Cow by fIREHOSE on Flyin' The Flannel (Colombia)
  8. Weirdo Science-o by Oingo Boingo on DeepFaded mix
  9. Together In Heaven by Bootsy Phelps and Gary on Together In Heaven (Philmore Sound)
  10. Rock Me Sock Me by Xavier on Point Of Pleasure (Liberty)
  11. Death Promise Theme by -
  12. Preaching Violence by Third World War ‎ on Third World War (Polydor)
  13. By The Pool by Steve Hiett on Down On The Road By The Beach (CBS)
  14. Steve Hiett by Hot Afternoon on Down On The Road By The Beach (CBS)