Rude Awakening 033: Not as ska today


  1. Back From The Moon by Big Eyes on Back From The Moon (Grave Mistake)
  2. Grow Into A Ghost by Swearin' on Fall Into The Sun (Merge Records)
  3. Every Week by Try The Pie on Domestication (Salinas)
  4. Lipstick by Lemuria on Get Better (Asian Man Records)
  5. Lighthouse by Katie Ellen on Still Life (Lauren Records)
  6. The Names You Got by Dusk on Dusk (Don Giovanni Records)
  7. Break
  8. An Ambulance by Mike Krol on An Ambulance/Never Know (Merge)
  9. Never Know by Mike Krol on An Ambulance/Never Know (Merge)
  10. Annihilation Song by Rubblebucket on Annihilation Song (Grand Jury)
  11. Saying Yes by Thin Lips on Chosen Family (Lame-O Records)
  12. Crippling Self Doubt And A General Lack Of Self COnfidence by Courtney Barnett on tell me how you really feel (Mom + Pop Records)
  13. Break
  14. Lake Erie Back Float by Delay on Plain Language (Salinas)
  15. Novel Figure by Good Luck on Without Hesitation (No Idea)
  16. My Valerian by The Max Levine Ensem on Backlash, Baby! (Lame-O Records)
  17. Action Road by Vacation on Mouth Sounds #2699 (Let's Pretend Records)
  18. Ex Pats by Future Virgins on Doomsday Raga (Recess Records)
  19. Break
  20. Friends Grow Up by Shang-a-Lang on Collection (Silver Sprocket)
  21. The World You Know by NONA on Freaky If You Got This Far (6131 Records)
  22. Break
  23. Do You Still Hate Me by Jawbreaker on 24 Hour Revenge Therapy (Tupelo/ Communion)
  24. Glass House by Screaming Females on All At Once (Don Giovanni Records)
  25. Sunday Morning by All Dogs on All Dogs on Audiotree Live (Audiotree)
  26. Break
  27. I Drew You Once In Art Class by Antarctigo Vespucci on I'm So Tethered (Asian Man Records)
  28. Kiss Me on the Bus by The Replacements on Tim
  29. Break
  30. Hot 97 Summer Jam by Chumped on Teenage Retirement (Anchorless Records)
  31. The Knock by Hop Along on Painted Shut (Saddle Creek)
  32. Glorea by Big Nothing on Big Nothing (Asian Man Records)
  33. Break
  34. Red Ears by Bat Boy on Bat Boy vs Sarchasm (Asian Man Records)
  35. Arm's Length by Attic Salt on Attic Salt (Laser Stripe)
  36. Herd by Hard Girls on Floating Now (Asian Man Records)
  37. You Can Sleep on Top of Anything by Kitty Kat Fan Club on Songs About Cats (Asian Man Records)
  38. Break
  39. Small Pebble by Common Rider on This is Unity Music (Hopeless)
  40. Break
  41. Only Words by Dan P. and the Bricks on Only Words (Asian Man Records)
  42. Enter/Return by The Impossibles on Return (Fueled By Ramen)
  43. I'm Over It by Blushh on I'm Over It (Yellow K)
  44. Say U Want Me by Chris Farren on Can't Die (SideOneDummy)
  45. Break
  46. Used to Believe by Ted Leo on The Hanged Man (SuperEgo Records)