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41st episode


  1. Vision by lucifer's friend
  2. Keep the Highway by Jean Michel Gascuel
  3. Move On by Fashion
  4. Glass by Yukihiro Takahashi on Neuromantic (Alfa)
  5. What's got in your eyes? by Akiko Yano
  6. Je Suis Venue Te Dire Que Je M'en Vais by Jo Lemaire + Flouze on Pigmy World
  7. Thomas Dolby by -
  8. Siamese Sister by Jo Lemaire + Flouze on Pigmy World
  9. 爱がなくちゃね by Akiko Yano on 愛がなくちゃね
  10. Le Pollen by Pierre Barouh on Le Pollen
  11. Le Chien Aux Yeux Jaunes by Jean Michel Gascuel on La Vie Continue
  12. Christian Boy by Robert Seidler on Christian Boy
  13. Dressed to Kill by Fashion on Dressed to Kill
  14. Living On The Ceiling by Blancmange on Happy Families
  15. American Soviets by CCCP
  16. Something In The Air by Yukihiro Takahashi 高橋幸宏
  17. 女たちよ男たちよ by Akiko Yano on 愛がなくちゃね
  18. Body Snatchers by Haruomi Hosono With Friends Of Earth on S-F-X (Non-Standard)
  19. elastic dummy by Yukihiro Takahashi
  20. sleep on my baby by akiko Yano