Episode 68: Denley Hosts

Alma Rosae, Anml Plnt, Chris Keys, Crested, daehan (대한), Dailon, Digital Underground, DrRevFish, Phonz, Dreego, Nxseasxns, Souz, Equipto, Excess, Grey Fox, Jada Imani, Baghead, Jayem, L*Roneous, Brycon, Matt Bloom, Michael Marshall, Nimsins, ovrkast., Ofmb DK, On Tilt, Z-Man, Sacred Hoop, Eddie K, Pocket Buddha, Cyberclops, Edgewize, Professa Gabel, Rizzo Travaille, STH L., Secret Sidewalk, stylefree, The Jealous Guys, The Versifiers, Third Sight, Versoul, Yelir, Yung Akó


  1. San Francisco by Michael Marshall on Grown & Sexy (Jakil Records)
  2. Harp by Secret Sidewalk on Primal Dap (Forthcoming) (Primal Dap Sound)
  3. Time Travel by stylefree (BOLDTHOUSE)
  4. All for Me by STH L. (Self-Released)
  5. Tidepool by Chris Keys on Greyscale (Heavy Keys)
  6. Gravity Can't Help Me Now by Excess on Fast Asleep / Gravity Can't Help Me Now (Styluswars Inc.)
  7. Side A (Excerpt) by Matt Bloom on Leisure Kids (77 Rise Recordings)
  8. Vibration by DrRevFish, Phonz (Fishy Productions)
  9. And We by Jada Imani, Baghead on Blend (Old Soul Kollective)
  10. Smegma in D Minor...(Oh Fuck) by Third Sight on The Golden Shower Hour (Darc Brothas / Disgruntled Records)
  11. Bay Area Talk Bosses by On Tilt, Z-Man, Sacred Hoop, Eddie K on The Tiltalation (QMREC)
  12. True (Colors) by Grey Fox on Hair of the Dog (Self-Released)
  13. Coral by Rizzo Travaille (Self-Released)
  14. Call It Home by L*Roneous, Brycon on The World According to Gurp (The Order Label)
  15. Focus by The Versifiers on The Versifiers (Writerz Guild Records)
  16. Bet by Yung Akó on Whim EP (Self-Released)
  17. Toast by Yung Akó on Whim EP (Self-Released)
  18. West Side PI by Jayem on 2018 Annual Comp (Rootnote)
  19. Clap by Yelir on You Asked For It (Self-Released)
  20. Avenue by Nimsins, ovrkast. on Me Vs Me (Self-Released)
  21. Can I Kick You by Pocket Buddha, Cyberclops, Edgewize on Pocket Buddha Mixtape (Pocket Buddha Records)
  22. Lite by Dreego, Nxseasxns, Souz on 40oz Rhymes (Self-Released)
  23. John Daly Exit by Professa Gabel on Ouch (Old Soul Kollective)
  24. Glooty-Us-Maximus by Digital Underground on Future Rhythm (Critique)
  25. Cartography (Demo Mix 1) by Crested on Off in the Distance (Forthcoming)
  26. Playground Legend (feat. White Mic) by Equipto on Few and Far Between (Solidarity Records)
  27. Patient by Dailon (Self-Released)
  28. Slow Down by Versoul (Versoulife)
  29. Alot by Alma Rosae (Legacy Studio)
  30. Suspect by Ofmb DK (Longevity Records, LLC.)
  31. Waves by The Jealous Guys (Self-Released)
  32. Tortoise Hare by Anml Plnt on Breakdown (RUIN YOUR DAY)
  33. Don't Stop! w/glance by daehan (대한) on Soundcloud