1. Asegura by Pelada on Movimiento Para Cambio (PAN)
  2. This Is Not the End by Paper Dollhouse on The Walled Garden (MoonDome)
  3. Cabbage Land by Trevor on Becoming A Bed (Alter)
  4. Nikolai Reptile by Shadowax on Николай Рептайл (трип)
  5. chto ty govoril by Kedr Livanskiy & AEM Rhythm-Cascade on Gost Zvuk 5 Years (Gost Zvuk)
  6. When I Grow Up by Knut Vanderkerkhove on When I Grow Up (Suicide Club)
  7. Applaud by Yves Tumor, Hirakish, Napolian, ANTHEM on Applaud (Warp)
  8. Intenso by DJ Firmeza on Ardeu (Príncipe)
  9. Border Control by Pinch on Border Control (Berceuse Heroique)
  10. Glue by Lee Gamble on Exhaust (Hyperdub)
  11. Achilles by Olan Monk on Inis/Anam (C.A.N.V.A.S.)
  12. Strong, Calm, Slow by Astrid Sonne on Cliodynamics (Escho)
  13. XYZ by Boards of Canada on Peel Session (Warp)
  14. Reiterations by First Tone on Reactions (Spectral Spools)
  15. 55 Year Old Daughter by Giant Swan on Giant Swan (Keck)
  16. Columns by Rrose on Hymn to Moisture (Eaux)
  17. All Things End, Sometimes In Fire by Yann Novak on Slowly Dismantling (Room40)
  18. Push On by Carla Dal Forno on Look Up Sharp (Kallista)
  19. Shenandoah by Pan•American on A Son (Kranky)
  20. triz bend by Pontiac Streator on triz bend (Self-released)
  21. Dream Symbol by HTRK on Venus In Leo (Ghostly)
  22. Permanent Mute by Helm on forever (Haunter)
  23. Confusion so thick you forget forgetting by The Caretaker on Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 6 (History Always Favours The Winners)