ASITA 15 Mar 2015


  1. A New Drink For The Old Drunk by Crooked Fingers on Crooked Fingers (Warm)
  2. Waste The Alphabet by Dick Diver on Melbourne, Florida (Trouble In Mind)
  3. I Might by Wilco on The Whole Love (dBpm)
  4. Someone Something by Spoon (Merge)
  5. This Year's Girl by Elvis Costello on This Year's Model (Columbia)
  6. Scientology/Airplane Conversations by Peter Matthew Bauer on Liberation! (Mexican Summer)
  7. Palmcorder Yajna by The Mountain Goats on We Shall All Be Healed (4AD)
  8. Cuddlecore by Brent Gorton on Brent Gorton (Collar City)
  9. Tractor Rape Chain by Guided By Voices on Bee Thousand (Scat)
  10. Talking In My Sleep by The Rain Parade on Emergency Third Rail Power Trip (Restless)
  11. Bones by Radiohead on The Bends (Capitol)
  12. Loose Ends by Vetiver on Complete Strangers (Easy Sound)
  13. Late Night Conversation by Josh Rouse on Dressed Up Like Nebraska (Slow River)
  14. Life and How To Live It by R.E.M. on Fables of the Reconstruction (IRS)
  15. Big Soft Punch by The Clean on Vehicle (Rough Trade)
  16. Freeze the Saints by Stephen Malkmus on Face The Truth (Matador)