Lo Fi Beats


  1. The Softness of the Present by The Comet is Coming
  2. Sofa King by Danger Doom on Adult Swim
  3. Dance with the Devil by Immortal Technique
  4. Blue Smile (ft. Maty Soul) by Kyo Itachi on n/a`
  5. Shiki no Uta (Song of the Seasons) by MINMI on ep
  6. Kind of Blue by [bsd.u] on Bebop
  7. Heart - jinsang - Gratitude by JinSang on Gratitude
  8. The Dream by Swum
  9. Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches on Since I Left You (Modular Recordings)
  10. Pikachu by Masked Man on ep (ep)
  11. Space Ho's - Madlib Remix by Danger Doom on The Mouse & The Mask (Lex Records Ltd.)
  12. get warmer by Brockbeats
  13. Genesis by JinSang
  14. og sx live sesh by [bsd.u]
  15. The Afterlife by The Comet Is Coming
  16. Pacific Standard by YUNG BAE (Colombia)
  17. Bootsy New Bass by Pure Color on eps