B-Side Dreams 171 - Title TKO


  1. Reality Testing by Patio on Essentials (Fire Talk 2019)
  2. Break
  3. Danish Pastry Lyrics by Porridge Radio on Rice, Pasta And Other Fillers (Memorials of Distinction 2016)
  4. New Job by Dry Cleaning on Sweet Princess EP (It's OK 2019)
  5. Lobe by Knife Wife on Family Party (Sister Polygon 2019)
  6. Golden Babyland by Lina Tullgren on Free Cell (Captured Tracks 2019)
  7. Inside Outside by Witching Waves on Persistence (Specialist Subject 2019)
  8. Sweet One by Lunch Lady on Angel (Upset the Rhythm 2019)
  9. Ancestors Watching by Purple Pilgrims on Perfumed Earth (Flying Nun 2019)
  10. Half-Written by The Catanery Wires on Til the Morning (Tapete 2019)
  11. If I Could See You Now by Holy Hive (Big Crown Records 2019)
  12. Off You by The Breeders on Title TK (4AD 2002)
  13. Actin' Weird by Frankie Cosmos on Close It Quietly (Sub Pop 2019)
  14. Until You Walk by Tim Presley, White Fence on I Have to Feed Larry's Hawk (Drag City 2019)
  15. So Much Better by Carla dal Forno (Kallista 2019)
  16. Sketch Artist by Kim Gordon (Matador 2019)
  17. Soft Landing by Glitterbust on Glitterbust (Burger Records 2016)