1. Ice Bridge by Air Max ’97 (Timedance))
  2. Terrible Satisfaction (Kilbourne x Rizzla x MM) by Estoc (self released))
  3. Self Luv by Elusive, Mali Hayes, Matt Little, Ian Roller on Afterthoughts (Alpha Pup Records)
  4. B 2the B by Itoa (Bad Taste Records)
  5. Never Forget (David Koatix VIP Mix) - by Stayhigh on Southern Trax (Modern Ruin Records)
  6. SMOKIN ALL UR WEED by Papi Squad on Papi or Die Vol. 1 (self released)
  7. Your Love by Bastiengoat on 1421 Vol 1 (Self Released)
  8. My House by Rinino on Loverdose EP (The Dreamers Recordings)
  9. Be With U - by Sideswipe on (Present Decay - (Modern Ruin))
  10. Temple Of Ra by Es.tereo on EARTHBASE03 (Cosmic Bridge)
  11. Little Mac (feat. Mr Carmack) by Tsuruda on FUBAR (Alpha Pup Records)
  12. El irreal Veintiuno by Nu. on Single - (Self - Released))
  13. Emergencia by Anna Morgan on Sin Fronteras - (Apocalipsis))
  14. EARFQUAKE (Channel Tres Remix) - by Tyler The Creator ( on Single - (Columbia Records))
  15. Earth (Edit) by Lapalux on Amnioverse (Brainfeeder)
  16. HD Anthem by NKC on HD Anthem EP (Even The Strong)
  17. Hit Me Ravey One More Time by Bored Lord on Pop Tools (Self Released))
  18. Touch by KG & Scratchclart on Touch EP (Hyperdub Records)
  19. Falling by abssys (artfisia)