24 - Happy Funeral


  1. 6th and Mission by Batang Frisco on Batang Frisco (Self Released)
  2. Club Down by Clipping on There Existed An Addiction to Blood (Sub Pop)
  3. The Big Unknown by Sade on The Big Unknown (Sony)
  4. Govinda Jai Jai by Alice Coltrane ‎ on Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana (Warner Bros. Records)
  5. What A Bastard The World Is by Yoko Ono on Approximatley Infinite Universe (Apple Records)
  6. Little Love by Pegmo on Pegmo (Canyon)
  7. Courage by Peter Gabriel on Flotsam and Jetsam (Real World Records)
  8. Lucky Radio by Samuel Purdey on Musically Adrift (Grey Dog's Records)
  9. We Are His Children by William DeVaughn on Be Thankful For What You Got (Roxbury Records)
  10. Won't You Tell Me by Beach Boys on All This Is That (Sea of Tunes)
  11. Cruisin' by The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo on Unreleased (Unreleased)
  12. Unable (Sharp Cuts version) by Suburban Lawns on Baby (Capitol Records)
  13. Mizutama Shobodan by Red Petals Full in the Sky on Red Petals Full in the Sky (Kinniku-Bijo)
  14. Happy Funeral by Kitchen & The Plastic Spooon's on Screams To God (Dark Entries)
  15. Anibal by Los Relampagos on Paginas musicales de la historia de Espana (RCA)
  16. Margie Brandon by Guadalajara on Live at Clancy's San Francisco (Aust-America Records)
  17. Lungs by John Abercrombie / Jan Hammer / Jack De Johnette on Timeless (ECM)
  18. King of the World by Steely Dan on Live at the Record Plant 1974 (FM Broadcast)
  19. Spider Lady by Teddy Lasry on Action Printing (Sonimage)
  20. Clap Your Tenacles by Happy Monsters on Happy Monsters (Happy House Records)
  21. Cheapy Chappy and Ito by Gleneil on Cruise It (GRM Records)
  22. I'm Hungry by Biz Markie on Phat Beach (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (TVT)
  23. ガラスの翼 by Yuko Tomita ‎ on Shampoo (Panam)
  24. Todd Rundgren by Be Nice to Me (Live at the Sigma Sounds Studio, Philadelphia - 1st July '71) on For Lack of Honest Work (A Live History, 1971-2006) (Edsel Records)