1. Capriccio by Parlour
  2. When I'm With You by Sparks
  3. MOAP by Slo Funk
  4. For Ever by Doris Laïze
  5. I Feel It Starts Again by Suzanne Menzel
  6. It's So Different Here by Rachel Sweet on Smooth Moves
  7. It Takes Time by Richenel on La Diferencia (Music From Memory)
  8. La fille qui rit by Première Classe on Poupée Flash (Philips)
  9. Vratimo se prirodi by Moni Kovačič
  10. Easy Living by Albert Alan Owen
  11. Tasogare by Mai Yamane
  12. Prospect by Paul Hart
  13. Téssier Astralement Votre by Francois De Roubaix on Barclay 7
  14. Island Sunrise by Software on Digital Dance (Innovative Communication)
  15. Liquid Diamonds by Leon Lowman on Liquid Diamonds (Music from Memory 2013 (OG 1980-82))
  16. Male Jeziora (Small Lakes) by Halina Frackowiak on Iron Curtain Call: Dance Music from the Soviet Sphere of Influence (Wifon)
  17. Tobago by Pat & Pats
  18. トロピカル万国博 by Hiroyuki Namba on Hikousen No Ue No Synthesizer Hiki
  19. La Dolce Vita by Marion (Clemence Melody)