1. Capriccio by Parlour (-)
  2. When I'm With You by Sparks (-)
  3. MOAP by Slo Funk (-)
  4. For Ever by Doris Laïze (-)
  5. I Feel It Starts Again by Suzanne Menzel (-)
  6. It's So Different Here by Rachel Sweet on Smooth Moves (-)
  7. It Takes Time by Richenel on La Diferencia (Music From Memory)
  8. La fille qui rit by Première Classe on Poupée Flash (Philips)
  9. Vratimo se prirodi by Moni Kovačič (-)
  10. Easy Living by Albert Alan Owen (-)
  11. Tasogare by Mai Yamane (-)
  12. Prospect by Paul Hart (-)
  13. Téssier Astralement Votre by Francois De Roubaix on Barclay 7 (-)
  14. Island Sunrise by Software on Digital Dance (Innovative Communication)
  15. Liquid Diamonds by Leon Lowman on Liquid Diamonds (Music from Memory 2013 (OG 1980-82))
  16. Male Jeziora (Small Lakes) by Halina Frackowiak on Iron Curtain Call: Dance Music from the Soviet Sphere of Influence (Wifon)
  17. Tobago by Pat & Pats (-)
  18. トロピカル万国博 by Hiroyuki Namba on Hikousen No Ue No Synthesizer Hiki (-)
  19. La Dolce Vita by Marion on 12" (Clemence Melody)