World of Echo Episode 68


  1. You Did It Yourself by Arthur Russell on Iowa Dream (Audika)
  2. Creation Myth by Moor Mother on Fetish Bones (Don Giovanni Records)
  3. Frontier by Holly Herndon on PROTO (4AD)
  4. Dirty Boots by Sonic Youth on Goo (Geffen)
  5. Some Kind of Demon by Gong Gong Gong on Phantom Rhythm (Wharf Cat Records)
  6. How To Decode An Illusion by Caterina Barbieri on Born Again In The Voltage (Important Records)
  7. Odds Against Tomorrow by Bill Orcutt on Odds Against Tomorrow (Palilalia)
  8. Flood Cycles by Christopher Tignor on A Light Below (Western Vinyyl)
  9. Sweet Little Lies by Nils Frahm on All Encores (Erased Tapes)
  10. Incantation of the Stars by Susumu Yokota on Cloud Hidden (Lo Recordings)
  11. A Fabula by Oharaska on Outro Tempo II (Music from Memory)
  12. Shopping de Voodoos by Fausto Fawcett on Outro Tempo II (Music from Memory)